Juice Fast - Day 16 Exercise, Working Out & Fasting

Thank you to the thousands of people who have happened upon this collection of writing and spent their time listening to my story. I am forever grateful :)

Exercise that is OK while you are on this juice fast: 

Light Cardio Elliptical Machine 30-45 min
Walking (treadmill or outside) 30-45 min
Light swimming
Stretching or stretch machine

Exercise that is NOT OK while juice fasting: 

Weight Training (all lifting should be avoided)
Working outdoors especially in long periods of heat

You can however sustain longer more intense workouts or periods of work by being prepared and juicing in advance, keeping extra in the mason jars. Steady supply of the juice will help counteract the intense detoxification that follows demanding physical labor.

As for the outdoor/heat advice.. juice up and hydrate much more than you think you need to. It seems to catch you all of the sudden and once the detox has set in you cannot stop it, only ride it out. Once the toxic elements being eliminated are rushed into the bloodstream (due to increased activity) the blood must be cleaned with the bodies natural organ function and elimination. To keep these uncomfortable episodes from happening, increase your juice intake and water intake so that you are eliminating a good portion of the toxic elements in your urine. You will also benefit from the extra vitamins, minerals or enzymes you ingest. When juice is absorbed into the blood stream all the nutrients "unclog" your circulatory system allowing red blood cells to move freely throughout the circulatory system and simultaneously deliver fresh energy and healing to your cells while moving lymph and discarding of that toxic waste that makes you feel like crap. 

In truth, use common sense. If the activity feels like it is going to be too much, or drain you quickly.. avoid it! When you feel the onset of detox symptoms make a big fresh glass of green juice. The  I have had more than sufficient energy otherwise. 

In the video I show you the Ninja Master Food Processor. It's an excellent broth making helper and looks great on the kitchen counter! 

¡hasta maƱana!

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